Does The NCAA Favor Men Over Women?

Sophia Thomas posted on her instagram story,

” S/o to all my fellow women athletes. We are strong. We work tirelessly. We are badasses. We deserve to be treated as such ” ( via Sophia Thomas IG Story )

After seeing Sophia Thomas’s instagram story of frustration, we wanted to spread more awareness and see what people really thought about the fairness between men and women athletes.

61% of people said “YES” and 39% of people said “NO”

The majority of people that voted “YES” also believed that the NCAA favors men’s sports over women because men’s sports bring in more revenue.

The 39% that voted “NO” believe that the NCAA does not treat women any different, but that they NCAA should consider hosting the tournaments at different times. Currentstation’s audience believes women sports would receive more attention if they were played at different times.



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