Jim Clayton says he’s just getting started at age 65

Coach Jim Clayton is more excited now in his career than ever before! “Most people think at my age that I should be ready to retire, but honestly, I am just getting started!” says Jim Clayton. Jim Clayton is the founder of Sports City U Basketball where he has trained basketball players for over 30+ years but now is ready to expand his reach by using social media.

” Me and my business partners have been planning something revolutionary to change the game once again! We changed the game back in 1992 and started the first basketball training academy. When we started Sports City U Basketball Academy, there was no such thing as basketball training and now with new technology and the innovation of social media we have a chance to change the game again but this time with unlimited opportunities thanks to social media and the internet! ” says Coach Clayton.

Coach Jim Clayton is turning 66 years old in October but is more motivated and more inspired now than ever before.

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