Looking for a hobby that makes $$$ ?

I bet no one has ever told you to make rugs as a hobby before. πŸ˜‚

But in the world of social media, special designed rugs are going VIRAL! Thanks to Imakerugs.com

Also known as @Euphoicsupply on instagram, this creator has inspired thousands to create their own rugs. He sells all the tools you need on his website Imakerugs.com

Currentstation was one of the first customers to buy a rug gun and make some ourself. We watched @Imakerugs on instagram grow from 5,000 followers to now 57,700 over 1 year during the pandemic.

There are endless ideas and creations you can create as a rug. The best part is they are extremely profitable! These rugs sell anywhere from $100 to $700

The start up cost for the tools can be covered by one rug sale. The best part is you don’t need to have any prior skill!

If you follow @Imakerugs on instagram and youtube, he gives you all the tutorials and tools you need to start and be successful!

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