NFT’s explained short and simple.

What is an NFT? NFT stands for Non-Fungible-Token but what does that even really mean?

Let’s break this down simply and short. Have you ever purchased an upgrade skin for your weapon in call of duty?

No? What about purchasing an upgrade in madden to get a special player or uniform?

If you still don’t understand NFT’s, just think of it as art with a contract behind it. Since the beginning of social media, art has shifted from traditional art to digital art. Traditionally art would be sold at an auction, and in the same way, so is NFT’s. They are sold on auction sites like

Topps trading cards have a huge interest in the NFT space. Topps trading cards went public for the first time in history because of the NFT craze.

According to ” Topps began carving a niche in the early innings of the NFT craze through a Garbage Pail Kids partnership with the Wax platform. That tie-up continues: Last week it dropped a “Godzilla”-themed NFT card pack on Wax that generated at least $500,000 in revenue within hours. ”

The NFT space is going to open the door up for a lot of creators and create tons of new opportunities.

Check out this video of this NFT art gallery! 😳

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